Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I Ride?

The reason why you choose to participate in our bike rides can be a truely inspiring story to someone. Share with others your reasons and you may inspire them to join your team or to give to the cause.

Renee Spivey of the Domestiques has been riding since 1991. She says that she will continue to ride until there is a cure for MS. Spivey states, "these are the reasons I ride. I cannot imagine living a life with the uncertainty that people with MS endure. I cannot imagine not getting to ride because my symptoms are flaring up like my friend Marge had happen lately. I cannot imagine the fear of getting pregnant because I would have to stop my MS meds like my friends Chasity and Kat went through. I cannot imagine the inconvenience of needing to stay cool to reduce symptoms when living in the South like my friend Emily. I cannot imagine the fear of potentially having to change careers because I can no longer do the job I am passionate about like my friend Officer Byrd".

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